Moving to different domain

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I’ve registered a domain name and moved this blog over to a new server. You can now find Lip Balm at Come on over.


The most intelligent and interesting thing I’m reading these days

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Scott HortonScott Horton    Scott Horton’s No Comment blog on consistently blows me away. An attorney and human right’s advocate, Scott writes about an amazing array of subjects. Right now, if you navigate to the site, there are posts up about Bertold Brecht, how a federal court has declared inmates at Guantanamo not to be “persons”, on ending the culture of immunity for contractors and an insightful overview of what has happened and what will happen in the unfolding scandal over the destruction of the CIA torture tapes. Just read him is all I’m saying.

U.S. Airstrikes Up In Iraq

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This report on NPR’s Day to Day made me see red today. The reporter, Josh White, unquestioningly spouted the Air Force talking points he’s been given. According to him, the military “clears away the cilvilians” before they bomb the targeted area to shit. No mention of where the civilians go, what they do. I guess they just go away to happyland while we surgically strike the evil ones. In this article by the same reporter in the Washington Post, there’s a little more about how they get the civilians to vacate. “After doing a show of force to get civilians out of the area, they engaged the house and the fighters with a 500-pound bomb,” he said of the attack by two British Tornado GR4 jets. “They took the fighters out.” 



Time for a tit tune-up!

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Ruptured silicone implant with removed capsule 

Egads.“Women are used to having their hair or nails done on a regular basis to maintain their appearance,” said Dr. Jewell, who has conducted clinical trials for both implant manufacturers and is a consultant for Allergan, the manufacturer behind the ads running in Elle. “Ultimately, breast implants may also be a matter of maintenance.”  Somehow, I don’t think most women who get implants have considered this.

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